Baphominiatures Summer 2017 Charity Army


It's here! You can donate and enter to win here:

Baphominiatures is happy to present its first charity raffle of 2017. This time the army is a contingent of Iyanden Eldar. The side raffle is their arch nemesis, a Hive Fleet Kraken Tyrant.

To date, Baphominiatures has raised $17,187 for Doctors Without Borders and St. Jude's Children's Hospital with it's charity armies, thanks to the massive support of the wargaming community. Additionally, we would like to thank the multiple model donations we received for this army, in particular from Jeff at the excellent Games & Stuff.

 As always, every $5 donation to Doctors Without Borders enters you for a chance to win the Iyanden army, and you can enter multiple times. There is also a side raffle for those who are able to donate more: Every $25 donation also enters you into the raffle (5x regular entries and 1 side entry) for the Hive Fleet Kraken Tyrant.

The complete army list is:

1 Farseer
1 Wraithknight
1 Wraithlord
5x Dire Avengers
5x Warp Spiders
5x Wraithguard
6x Howling Banshees
6x Striking Scorpions