Baphomanufacturing Wave One


Regional Pacification Platform

PCM-600 Peacemaker

The PCM-600 Peacemaker is the most common regional pacification platform produced by Baphomanufacturing. Cost effective, mobile, and armed with armor piercing sabot rounds capable of removing most threats from the battlefield, the PCM-600 Peacemaker is a worthwhile investment. Its slender profile provides an imposing and efficient firing profile that helps acquire targets for its assault cannon and six bunker busting missiles.

Each PCM-600 Peacemaker miniature is 43mm tall and comes with a 6mm and 12mm pilot. Base not included.


Urban Engineering Platform

KZN-1000 Kuznets

          The KZN-1000 Kuznets is an urban engineering and pacification platform designed to not only pave the way for peacekeeping operations, but to react to sudden incursions and ambushes laid by resistance forces. Employ several Kuznets' for your next successful urban pacification this fiscal year.

Each KZN-1000 Kuznets miniature is 43mm tall and comes with a 6mm and 12mm pilot. Base not included.


Heavy Siege Breaker

ZBM-1000 Zugzwang

         The ZBM-001 Zugzwang is a slow moving, mobile siege breaking platform. It's sole purpose is to dismantle hardened defenses and to expedite the occupation or annexation of cities. With only five superheavy sabot shells, twin cruise missiles, and limited anti-infantry incendiary missile reloads, the Zugzwang is always found near supply vehicles. Support crews are trained specifically for efficient reload sessions, often clocking in at under a quarter of an hour delay between bombardments.

Each ZBM-001 Zugzwang miniature is 44mm tall and comes with a 6mm and 12mm pilot. Base not included.


Automated Missile and Machine Gun Deterrent

Cerberus Class Proximity Turrets

Cerberus Class proximity turrets are perfect for areas requiring a less active military presence,  allowing you to maintain an active deterrence against aggressors, while allowing you to focus your attention on less pacified areas of control. Protect your bottom line against expensive reclamation efforts and keep your hard earned conquests under control, today!

Each Cerberus Class Proximity Turret bundle includes two Missile and two Machine Gun turrets, approximately 18mm tall.


Mobile Armored Repair Vehicle

Obama Class Refit Platform

The Obama class is a mobile refit and repair vehicle used to service damaged or depleted platforms close to the front lines. Capable of patching a wide range of damaged armors, the Obama can mean the difference between exposed critical components and several feet of hardened protection. Additionally, its ammunition racks are modular and can be adapted to your armed forces personal calibers.

Each Obama Class Refit Platform is approximately 29mm tall and 35mm in length.


Wave One Pilot

A pilot ready to head in to action, the Wave One pilot is included with each Platform/Mech purchase. However, she is available alone in 6mm and 12mm sizes to properly scale with other game systems and miniature scales.


Baphomanufacturing Wave One

The entire first wave is available as a bundle and includes:

1x PCM-600 Peacemaker w/6&12mm pilots*
1x KZN-1000 Kuznets w/6&12mm pilots*
1x ZBM-100 Zugzwang w/6&12mm pilots*
2x Cerberus Missile Turret
2x Cerberus Machine Gun Turret
1x Obama Class Refit Platform
*Bases not included