SAB-044 Sabueso

Mobile Threat Assessment Platform

The SAB-044 Sabueso is a highly advanced and relatively obscure Platform design utilized by PMCs specialized in intel gathering. Focused on threat assessment for potential areas of interest for rival nations, the Sabueso is perfectly suited to long distance, radio silent missions. Capable of scaling what is typically considering daunting terrain, powerful gyroscopes utilizing cutting edge “Never Fall” technology keep the design upright through seemingly gymnastic maneuvers. Its right pod ‘arm’ features powerful imaging, scanning, target acquisition, satellite communication, and electronic countermeasure abilities. Additionally, the pod houses a single UAV that can be launched in areas that require continued observation long after the Sabueso has left the sector.

It’s only ballistic capabilities are a pair of heavy slug firing autocannons. What they lack in range and ammunition they make up for in potency, allowing the Sabueso to cripple or destroy a target and create a window of time to escape. Successfully ambushing a Sabueso is still considered highly unlikely, and capable pilots can use its sophisticated technology to ensure they are never caught unaware.