Commission Paintwork



While Baphominiatures does not utilize a tier system, it does price commissions based off of the estimated time for completion.

A very general/ballpark guideline:

  • Rank and File Infantry                      $7-13 per model
  • Detailed Rank and File                    $13-18 per model
  • Characters                                        $20-35 per model
  • Small Vehicles/Creatures                 $35-50
  • Medium Vehicles/Creatures            $45-70
  • Large Vehicles/Creatures                 $80-120
  • Huge Vehicles/Creatures                 $120-160
  • Titanic Vehicles/Creatures               $150+

Commission 3d SCULPTING & 3d Printing


We use a Solus Micron and a Form2+ to print our miniatures as well as custom sculpts for clients. In addition to the physical product, the .STL files are delivered to the client as well so that they can be used in other media or for 3D printing anywhere. The cost of a sculpt commission varies, sculpting some things that seem difficult may take much less time than sculpting things that seem easy, so its best to inquire.

Please see the FAQ for more detailed information on the commission process.

To request a quote, please fill at the form below. The more details the better!

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