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Commission Painting

While Baphominiatures does not utilize a tier system, it does price commissions based off of the estimated time for completion. Most of the cost per miniature is determined by the amount of time required to produce the quality level desired by the client. Therefore, a small high quality character can represent a larger time investment than a lower quality tank sized model and thus have a larger quote. This is another reason I try to avoid using a tier or category system because it doesnt tell the entire story on its own.

However, I understand it can be useful when planning out a new army or project to find an estimate without writing out a quote request form, so below is a general/ballpark guideline for common projects.


Rank and File Infantry                     

$10-15 per model 

This category represents the large swarm of Termagant models or vast field of infantry that need to be painted above table top quality.


Detailed Rank and File               

$15-25 per model  

For squads that need more details picked out and individual color choices.






Character models encompass a wide range of figures. They have a tendency to vary greatly in size, but these are models that you want to stand out and represent a higher level of quality and attention to detail.



Small vehicles and creatures                   


For models that begin to tower over your average 28mm soldier.





MEDIUM vehicles and creatures                   


From the ubiquitous GW Rhino to larger monsters, this category is very common and encompasses a wide range of figures.




Large vehicles and creatures                   


From towering monsters to large troop transports, these models are typically very detailed and stand out in a collection.




HUGE vehicles and creatures                   


These models begin to blur the term 'miniature'. Typically exceptionally large and rare monsters or vehicles, these demand a lot of time and detail.




Titanic models                  


No longer a miniature by any stretch of the imagination, projects this size require more than just paint, but assembly that ensures their survival. Fortunately, there have been many titanic models done by Baphominiatures and are always a welcome project.



Please see the FAQ for more detailed information on the commission process.

To request a quote, please fill at the form below. The more details the better!

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Commission 3d SCULPTING & 3d Printing


We use a Solus Micron and a Form2+ to print our miniatures as well as custom sculpts for clients. In addition to the physical product, the .STL files are delivered to the client as well so that they can be used in other media or for 3D printing anywhere. The cost of a sculpt commission varies, sculpting some things that seem difficult may take much less time than sculpting things that seem easy, so its best to inquire.


3D Print Examples