Our Winter Charity Army is up, donate $10 to Doctors Without Borders for a chance to win it!


Baphominiatures is happy to present its Winter Charity raffle of 2017. This time it is a massive Death Guard army, and the side raffle is a Lord of Change.

To date, Baphominiatures has raised $18,517 for Doctors Without Borders and St. Jude's Children's Hospital with it's charity armies, thanks to the massive support of the wargaming community.

Every $10 donation to Doctors Without Borders enters you for a chance to win the Death Guard army, and you can enter multiple times. There is also a side raffle for those who are able to donate more: Every $50 donation also enters you into the raffle (for 5x regular entries and 1 side entry) for the Lord of Change. Please be sure to include your full name when donating so that it can be used in the drawing (Anonymous donations or first name only donations cannot be used)

The complete army list is:

Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle 3x Foetid Bloat-drone Typhus - Herald of the Plague God Deathshroud Bodyguard Blightlord Terminators Plagueburst Crawler 14 Plague Marines Biologus Putrifier Scribbus Wretch, the Tallyman 24 Death Guard Poxwalkers Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon Foul Blightspawn Plague Marine Champion

Side Raffle: Lord of Change

As always, we will ship internationally free of charge to the winner. The winner will be announced via YouTube on Christmas Day, December 25th 2017. Check our website for postings at


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