Dear Games Workshop

We need to talk. Our relationship needs to change. I want you, I need you, but there is no way Im ever going to love your paint pots.

I've felt this way a long time and I just didnt know what to do about it. I felt trapped. But to be honest, Ive been seeing someone else. Vallejo made me feel good about myself as a painter. I never felt like I was wasting my paint. I never felt like I was in danger of knocking Vallejo's washes over and wasting an entire expensive pot.

Vallejo made me feel stable, like I knew I could count on it, and to be honest thats what I need in my life right now. I need to be independent and try new things, and I feel like your paint pots are holding me back. Plus, all those times I found dried out paint that was unworkable? We both know it was because of your paint pots.

I've already made moves to keep my paint and Im taking it with me when I leave. You can keep your pots. To make this transition easier on both of us, I have clipped your pot lids and drilled a quarter inch hole in the bottom of each pot. I have added a few drops of flow improver and water to each pot, so now I am just waiting on all of the paint to be 'milked' out.

You're a great paint maker. You really are. I can see that you tried to make things better between us with your airbrush line, but as long as youre not willing to change the pot issue, we cant be together. At least not like we used to be. Love,