Charity Raffle Winners

Here are the winners of the Chaos Gods! Thanks to everyone who donated, we didnt have a runaway success like previous raffles but we'll get them next time. Send us an email at to set up delivery.

Slaanesh: Jonah White
Tzeentch: Mark Warner
Khorne: Thomas Brekke
Nurgle: Thor McThorston (If this is your real name, Im impressed)

Nurgle Side Raffle: Jay Rhie (you actually won by default as the only one eligible :) )


Moving time

Home buying/preparing for a new move has put updating on the backburner as of late, but there are some very cool projects coming up that I look forward to sharing.

Here's some updates on recent projects.

What are these?

Custom unit insignia printed for a client's Space Marine shoulder pads that all started with a sketch on his notebook. Any easy way to customize your entire army.

These are tiny, less than 6mm across.