So where's the Summer Charity Army?


In early May I had an accident on my bike and injured my right arm. I had to cancel or delay my immediate commissions and put off the rest until healed and after the Charity army was painted.

While the army has been bought and paid for (And large parts of it donated this time :) ) for almost two months now, Ive still got a 'twitchy' right arm that makes detailed paintwork next to impossible. About half of the army has been completed but its a constant back and forth correcting the inaccuracies. I have no doubts Ill recover, but its really put the breaks on putting the army out on time.

Because these charity projects are the main focus of Baphominiatures, pushing out subpar work is not an option. So I will either hold the raffle late in the Summer, or have a Fall army in addition to the planned Winter charity army. But rushing it and thereby not raising as much as possible is extremely counterproductive, especially since Im not the only one who footed the bill this go around.

In the mean time, I am still sculpting and working on other projects while my arm recuperates, so Ill be posting those works here shortly.

Lots of updates

While I've been slow to post details, behind the scenes we have been working on a standalone, post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, with an emphasis on highly detailed models that are unmatched at a 1/64 scale. A Kickstarter is coming in the next couple of months, and Im going to start posting periodic updates.

Ive also been slow to paint due to an injury, but I was able to finish a follow up for a client from last year, come check out bigbird.


Discarded Angel available in store

The Discarded Angel has only recently fallen from grace, whether for heretical crimes committed or a political misstep, thus she only shows the first signs of her demonic pupal stage. Nevertheless, she stands ready to fight against the forces of good who have cast her out.

This highly detailed Discarded Angel miniature comes in either 41mm or 70mm high versions and is printed in high quality Solus Proto Resin.

Star Irregular Now Available

Star Irregulars serve the same purpose, to live and die in service across the expanses of space.

This highly detailed Star Irregular miniature stands 39mm tall and is printed in high quality Solus Proto Resin. For reference, it is shown on a 32mm base.

Warlord Round 2

This months project is quite different from last year's Charity Warlord and Im enjoying getting the revisit this build. I gotta say that the second time around is twice as easy, build wise. It also helps to have a complete kit sent the FIRST time from Forge World. ;)


Announcing our new store and sculpting service

Something that's been in the works for a while at Baphominiatures is the addition of a custom digital sculpture service that would allow clients to have parts designed for their armies and printed with high fidelity. In an effort to start rolling that process out, we've opened a store that is currently offering custom Space Warrior pads, printed with your choice of emblem.

In the future there will be additional miniatures, custom bits services and much more, but we're very excited to start with this small baby step towards providing a unique service to the wargaming community.