Moving time

Home buying/preparing for a new move has put updating on the backburner as of late, but there are some very cool projects coming up that I look forward to sharing.

Here's some updates on recent projects.

What are these?

Custom unit insignia printed for a client's Space Marine shoulder pads that all started with a sketch on his notebook. Any easy way to customize your entire army.

These are tiny, less than 6mm across.


So where's the Summer Charity Army?


In early May I had an accident on my bike and injured my right arm. I had to cancel or delay my immediate commissions and put off the rest until healed and after the Charity army was painted.

While the army has been bought and paid for (And large parts of it donated this time :) ) for almost two months now, Ive still got a 'twitchy' right arm that makes detailed paintwork next to impossible. About half of the army has been completed but its a constant back and forth correcting the inaccuracies. I have no doubts Ill recover, but its really put the breaks on putting the army out on time.

Because these charity projects are the main focus of Baphominiatures, pushing out subpar work is not an option. So I will either hold the raffle late in the Summer, or have a Fall army in addition to the planned Winter charity army. But rushing it and thereby not raising as much as possible is extremely counterproductive, especially since Im not the only one who footed the bill this go around.

In the mean time, I am still sculpting and working on other projects while my arm recuperates, so Ill be posting those works here shortly.