While each commission is unique, a lot of the most common questions are not. Let me know if you have an inquiry that is not listed here and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Why choose Baphominiatures?
Baphominiatures is a mid-tier painting service. What I mean by that is that I specialize in painting models to a high standard with reasonable prices and an emphasis on turnaround time.

There are premium and boutique studios out there offering high level painting services that I can happily recommend. The main reason to choose Baphominiatures is that you like the style and price point that is offered. Every painter is unique and I think it's important to seek out one that has a proven style, just as you would for a tattoo artist. Feel free to browse my gallery and decide if Baphominiatures can suit your needs.

How long will my commission take?
While this obviously varies depending on the size of the project, most commissions are completed within a few days of receiving the miniatures. An honest estimate of the timeline is always provided with the quote.

If I order a large commission will I get a discount?
Sometimes. If a large group of similar models is ordered at the same time (30 Termagants, 20 Guardsmen, etc) then the project lends itself to assembly line painting and it saves considerable time. As I tend to price commissions on a time estimate, this results in a lower price in these circumstances.

Do you require a deposit?  UPDATED FOR 2018
For the first several years I required no deposit on commissions, however as this has become my livelihood I am changing the policy going forward into 2018. I have been very fortunate to have a clientele who carry themselves just as professionally as I try to carry myself, however it only takes one or two incidents to provoke a more cautionary policy. A 25% deposit is required to book your time slot and to begin working on your project.

For 3D sculpting commissions, 100% of the sculpting fee is required upfront. Unlike miniatures, I am unable to recoup any losses with custom sculpts should a client be unable to complete payment.

Do you use PayPal?
I only use PayPal!

How will my commission be shipped?
Our shipping record is a point of pride for us, as we have shipped giant Tyranid bio-titans and other fragile resin pieces globally. I say 'our' because 99% of the packing is done by my wife, who has become a mini-shipping master.

The most common feedback left on our eBay sales is that the packaging is amazing and thorough.

For smaller parts of models that are prone to breaking with minimal pressure, we use regular cotton balls to surround the area (a spike for example, or a thin sword). The next stage is bubble wrapping the miniature, followed by packing peanuts. To complete the process typically the box is lined with either foam or heavy duty bubble wrap, depending on the type of model.

I highly recommend USPS 2-3 Priority Shipping with insurance. The insurance is not in case of damage, but in case of the package being lost by the mail carrier (You only have to have a package of painted miniatures go missing once to appreciate the value of purchasing insurance).

I am interested in commissioning a project with Baphominiatures. How does the process work?

Use my commission form on this page. Once contact is made, we will discuss the project and paint scheme (preferably by phone). How the miniatures will arrive and if I need to purchase them locally is also decided. An estimate of the time needed to complete the project and return your models will be given, as well as a price quote on the project. Once all is agreed upon, I will schedule an ideal window for your project (this is usually in relation to other commissions ahead in line).

A test model or demo of the scheme will be sent to you via iPhone or a lightbox picture to make sure we are on the same page. Once greenlit, I go ahead with the project and tend to bombard you with progress photos. It's not a silent process, I try to involve the client as much as I can along the way so that minor changes or ideas can be communicated sooner rather than later.

Once the miniatures are done but before they are sealed and packaged, I take pictures of them in a lightbox (like all of the images in my portfolio). These are sent to you so that the final results can be judged based on an accurate, high resolution photo.

When you're happy with the final product, the project is wrapped and weighed. I use USPS.com to give you a shipping quote, which is then due as well as the remaining balance on your commission. You'll receive a tracking number and will have your miniatures in 2-3 days.

Do you offer a Level System (i.e. Level 1/2/3 Quality)?
This method is common with large commission painting services. You pick Level 1 for table top standard, 2 for high detail, 3 for Ultra Quality. I do not use it because Baphominiatures is not comprised of a fleet of painters: its just me out there. The level system gives the studio a way to segregate projects based on the time they will require, which in the end is what I do as well.

Can you help my charity?
Probably. My goal is for Baphominiatures to be known as 'That charity commission studio'. If I'm in a unique position to help out in the world, then I'd like to be given the opportunity. Shoot me an email at zach@baphominiatures.com

Whats with all the Satanic stuff?
While I definitely want to avoid taking myself too seriously, I am an atheist who loves satire. Baphominiatures will be a charitable service that also provides solid commission painting. I still get a chuckle when I see our logo, and I think it's great that we can have charity armies with a cute Baphomet visage attached to it.

Do you edit your pictures?
Yes, sort of. I use a Canon Rebel T5i in a Torchstar lightbox. The only editing I do is cropping and adding the Baphominiatures logo. I like my setup for that reason, I do not do any color correcting or contrast. What you see is what you get.

Can you repaint my old models?
Yes, however I do NOT offer a paint stripping service. I will prime and paint over your old models, but it is too much of a liability to remove paint.

Can you paint my new models like my old models?
Yes. The most ideal situation is when you know the exact colors that were used so that they can be easily replicated by a trip to the paint store. If you do not, then it gets a little tricky and I will at the very least need an example of your work sent along with the models you'd like to match.

Can you assemble/convert my models?
Yes. This does play a large role in the quote I will provide, as some models have a hefty build time while others are easy to assemble or come in one piece. Conversions come in all shapes and sizes, but I am happy to evaluate that with you.

How can I contact you?
For commission inquiries, please use the form on the Pricing/Request a Quote page. For something else, shoot me an email at zach@baphominiatures.com .