Eachna and her ROT horse


In the early dawn the winter sun bore through the clouds as Eachna and her companion crested the peak. The air was thin and cold, but she knew that as they began their descent into the warm valley below that her rotting steed would swell and decay into nothingness. Large sloughs of the undead horse had already been stripped upon the mountain side, its pestilence attracting what few scavengers reached these heights.

Eachna's village was consumed by war as a child, and as they hid in the stable the fires of the raid claimed her family and their horses. Abandoning her soul to the dark gods so that she might seek revenge, the burns on her skin were soon joined by blights of putrefaction. As she moves between settlements like an infection, she is driven by the hope of finding those responsible for her loss, all the while acting as a vessel of ruination and consumption. With each diseased step through a township she spreads
blackened roots, the very blessings of divine decomposition. Cursed to forever be in pursuit, she soon finds a new mount and rides anew, the horse becoming more bloated and decayed with each gallop.